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10 Reasons I Don’t Day Jamaican Boys

Disclaimer :”This is for amusement uses . Any similarity to genuine people demonstrates that I am appropriate.

If you can’t manage the temperature stay out of your kitchen.

The word big date cannot exist in language on most Jamaican guys, merely to the degree with regards to involves a sleep. They always wish to be welcomed more than for “breakfast, your meal” plus they tend not to imply dinners . The concept of merely really online dating is forgotten in their mind .whenever a Jamaican man gets near a lady, the text that can come out of their mouth typically insinuate gender,sex and a lot more gender

JM: mi woulda like fi “know” you

JM: you look good mi woulda like fi trial that or

JM: possible wine, a wonda if a which means you wine pon it

…need I state much more

Besides Jamaican guys won’t invest hardly any money on any fancy lunch if you do not think about fulfilling at KFC a fancy lunch. Romance …no ..”Sexmance”..yes

Pussy Conquerors:

The majority of Jamaican men are like flies to feces. Every little thing “dem see”in a dress, jeans, or mini skirt , as soon as they are of the opinion it really is a female and there’s a vagina between her feet, dem tun “ leggo beast.” In addition to that, they believe these are generally God’s surprise to lady and a woman was consequently passing up on the “ Wonderful realm of Wonka” should they don’t surrender to these types of advances.

I’m a small woman with a small pussy and therefore cannot contain the abnormally large penises that lots of Jamaican men are loaded with.

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These large size penises is oftentimes placed with a lot of ladies bent in “S’s” or being forced to undertake the “six thirty” maneuver. My personal Numer telefonu mousemingle again is not able to provide these types of punishment. Additionally, discover excessively daggering involved in the entire process. They continuously need to be in control in order to rotate and switch the lady much for their happiness. Sex with a Jamaican man does not have passion plus its more of a battle than whatever else.

Spouse Beater:

The need to getting a macho people or domineering filter systems down into abusive relationships. Jamaican boys think they possess their unique ladies and therefore are extemely possessive and envious and merely merely “love fi beat ooman”

In accordance with Beenie people “ Man fi hav nuff girl and gal inna bundle”. I actually do n’t need “nuff AIDS inna package” because Jamaican men quite often never training safe intercourse while they’re on the many conquests.

Browning Trend:

Jamaican guys rank the browning given that greatest prey and certainly will therefore diss the darker surface girl for that which they imagine may be the prettiest, the light body shade especially when it requires “wifey positions”. They have been merely mentally enslaved.

Semen Donors :

Dem dont mind dem pickney full stop..

Liars and Tief: Jamaican guys bring perfected lying down into T. If a Jamaican people states” him shortly cum straight back, him jus a gudung the trail” , don’t delay. your not returning for now. Jamaican guys will tief “it” although you sleep.

Hide their real sex: some Jamaican men are undercover bisexuals or homosexuals, truth be told!No girl desires that kind of shock. As a result of homophobic character with the culture , numerous bisexual or homosexual men are marrying people just to mask the real characteristics of these sexuality.

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