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Please note that some majors have further requirement beyond those indexed in this catalog. To read more choose look at the ‘discipline with Selective entrance’ portion of the page.

Early-action individuals exactly who meet with the December 1 due date shall be alerted inside non-binding admissions purchase in mid-December. Regular commitment candidates which meet with the March 1 deadline become notified of judgements on a rolling-basis, beginning in March. All the other individuals tends to be alerted on a space-available base.

The following desk points out the minimum homes of college-preparatory services required for entry, and the lowest devices advised. Advised devices echo the common senior high school plan of children who have been admitted to Mason in recent times.

Keep in mind that one unit equals one academic year of study.

Involved Minimum

Makes reference to youngsters trying to find a bachelor of arts, excluding individuals in the “individuals with Specific discipline” column

Makes reference to college students signing up to a bachelor of discipline level application, excluding individuals in the “Applicants with definite Majors” line

Denotes applicants just who decide to leading in pre-business, biochemistry, computer art, technology, geology, mathematics, or physics

Chosen from algebra we, algebra Two, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, applications, calculations studies, pre-calculus or calculus

Chosen from biology, biochemistry, physics, or some other advanced level laboratory medicine

Appropriate Low

Is about youngsters submitting an application for a bachelor of artistry, leaving out people in the “individuals with unique discipline” column

Pertains to kids applying for a bachelor of science amount course, leaving out those in the “candidates with Specific Majors” column

Identifies applicants whom plan to major in pre-business, chemistry, desktop computer medicine, manufacturing, geology, math, or physics

Chose from algebra I, algebra Two, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, functionality, calculations test, pre-calculus or calculus

Chosen from biological science, biochemistry, physics, as well as other sophisticated clinical medicine

Freshman Score Different Focus

Get elective review produces a chance for individuals being thought to be for entrance without distributing, or perhaps in neglect of, standard taste results. Entry to Mason continues to be a competitive procedure, and score recommended candidates are thought only on their merits. Qualifying for achieve discretionary review will not promises entry to Mason. Certifications for get discretionary account can be located at

Dual-Enrollment Strategy

The phrase dual-enrollment makes reference to college students being signed up concurrently in 2 distinct educational programs or educational institutions. The word are most frequently used in a snippet of students using university training when they are continue to signed up for another college (that is,., a dual-enrollment graduate), or even the programming that permit high school students to take college-level methods (that is,., a dual-enrollment program). Assuming you have enrolled in, or is going to have done dual-enrollment university coursework just before high school graduating, be sure you suggest this regarding the entry tool. Dual-enrollment pupils are responsible for notifying work of Admissions of dual-enrollment coursework during the time of product, and supplying recognized records of all of the study course do the job tried at more colleges/universities from the end of the training courses.

All dual-enrollment people are viewed fresher professionals no matter what the few college-credits acquired whilst in dual-enrollment position. Youngsters having twin registration training will likely be analyzed utilizing our shift loans approach, and may see an official evaluation of credit score rating within the company of Admissions upon bill for the closing specialized transcript soon after entrance and receipt of enrollment first deposit. You should click here to look for curriculum using our shift geek 2 geek account Matrix.

Coursework from schools not part of the entry software may not be eligible for loan. George Mason college reserves the ability to revoke entrance, withhold the award of debt, or disenroll students just who fail to indicate all earlier businesses attended on admission program.

Acceptance of Freshman Entrance Provide

Mason is fully compliant making use of the nationwide freshman prospect answer back time of May 1. Students must validate her motive to sign up by finishing the enrollment verification using the internet. The money is non-refundable after will 1.

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